WeatherCam NW - Downtown & Sleeping Giant

Current Conditions in Steamboat Springs

{zweather var=o_weather,loc=5} - {zweather var=o_tempf,loc=5}°

High {zweather var=f24_maxtemp,loc=5}° F / Low {zweather var=f24_mintemp,loc=5}° F
Wind {zweather var=o_windstr,loc=5}
Humidity: {zweather var=o_humidity,loc=5}% - Bar: {zweather var=o_pressurein,loc=5} Hg
Chance of Precipitation: {zweather var=f12_pop,loc=5} %

{zweather var=o_timestr,loc=5}
Ski Mtn and Old Town from CMC Steamboat

Current Conditions Atop Steamboat Ski Area

{zweather var=o_weather,loc=8} - {zweather var=o_tempf,loc=8}°

High {zweather var=f24_maxtemp,loc=8}° F / Low {zweather var=f24_mintemp,loc=8}° F
Wind {zweather var=o_windstr,loc=8}
Humidity: {zweather var=o_humidity,loc=8}% - Bar: {zweather var=o_pressurein,loc=8} Hg
Chance of Precipitation: {zweather var=f12_pop,loc=8} %

{zweather var=o_timestr,loc=8}